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Gold Pimp Cane

Gold Pimp Cane

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Gold Pimp Cane
Channel your inner “70s pimp with the help of this Gold Pimp Cane. This audacious walking stick is made of faux gold and features a flashy disco ball top. Below the handle are faux diamonds to add to the cane”s pimp factor.

  • Includes: The Gold Pimp Cane includes a faux gold cane with faux diamonds below the disco ball like top.
  • Measurements: Approximately 37″ long
  • Material: Plastic.

Dress for excess!

Can you dig it? At this point, you”ve probably binged watched several seventies Blaxploitation films and have put together a flamboyant ensemble befitting Dolemite, but don”t forget the perfect accessories to accompany your superfly getup! Along with the gold pimp cane, outfit yourself with the biggest, baddest hat, heeled shoes (with or without goldfish) and the flashiest jewelry imaginable. You”re all about your business so make sure to carry plenty of fake money to show off your wealth. You are there to represent!

It”s hard out there for a pimp!

You talk the talk, but now you need to walk the walk. This gold pimp cane is the perfect accoutrement to help exaggerate your pimp walk. When you enter a room, make sure everyone stands up to notice you! Get into your character! Use your faux gold cane — complete with bling — as a weapon to fight off other pimps encroaching on your territory. This is your house! This cane, along with a few pimp-related clothing accessories, will complete any pimp costume. It”s perfect for Halloween and other costumed events.

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