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Wolverine Claws For Adults

Wolverine Claws For Adults

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Wolverine Claws For Adults
Unsure what to wear to the Halloween party? You can”t go wrong dressing as an instantly recognizable superhero like Wolverine. As soon as you slip on the Wolverine Claws for Adults, you become Wolverine. You instantly gain the upper hand (and claws) of the super-human superhero himself. Shot? Stabbed? Kicked? Scratched? Thanks to the Wolverine”s unbreakable Adamantium claws, you will deflect any mere mortal”s attempts to break your body and your spirit. Good always prevails and you”ll use your claws to advance peace among humans and mutants. Show your adversaries your Wolverine Claws, conjure up your mutant powers, then slash right through evil. Marvelous Marvel ties are ties that bind. Snikt!

  • Includes: EVA molded claws.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product.

X-out Magneto and The Brotherhood

A world without X-Men? Not if you have your way, Wolverine! Use your sharp claws in pursuit of good. You”ll have a blast getting into character from head to toe, but your Wolverine claws will be the focal point of your costume. Pair them with a Wolverine face mask. Don”t like masks? Consider a face tattoo or accessory kit that includes Logan”s dog tags and signature jet-black hair and sideburns. You”ll look so legit, even Professor X and Storm won”t question your authenticity. Want to go all in? Slip into a Wolverine muscle suit before you slip on your claws. Wolverine saves lives and breathes life into any party. Practice your karate kicks and chops and prepare to defend your men.

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