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Scary Monster Bolts Headband

Scary Monster Bolts Headband

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Scary Monster Bolts Headband
Whether you want to be Frankenstein or your own version of a monster, the Scary Monster Bolts Headband is the accessory you need this Halloween. When you put on these bolts, you”ll not only look frightening, but you”ll also feel like you have all the power in the world. After all, when you”re assembled from strange chemicals and a collection of old body parts, you”re going to be a pretty powerful creature. Get ready to show your creator whose boss with this essential monster accessory.

  • Includes: One headband with two silver bolts attached.
  • Material: 100% polypropylene

Be a good monster!

When you turn into a monster this Halloween, know that you have a choice to be good, evil or complicated. Take a lesson from Frankenstein”s monster and show that not all creatures are necessarily evil. You can also be sensitive and benevolent. If you want, have your friends dress up like monsters and join up as a team. Then you and your group of monsters can go trick-or-treating or head to a Halloween costume party. With a positive and carefree attitude, you and your pals will be the most popular monsters in town.

You”re not just a machine!

People may think that, because of your bolts, you”re just a simple machine. Prove otherwise by cracking some jokes, handing out candy and opening the door to the neighborhood kids. Show that you”re a monster who cares, and you”ll be praised around town.

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