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Crazy Legs 50" Spider Prop

Crazy Legs 50" Spider Prop

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Crazy Legs 50" Spider Prop
It doesn”t have to be Halloween for you to make a splash with this Crazy Legs 50″ spider prop, but you will probably get a few strange looks if it”s not. Whether you want a prop to help explain your not-easily-recognizable costume of Arachne, the woman from Greek myth who was transformed into a spider, or a little something to go with a Spiderman costume, you”ll be good to go. In fact, everyone will believe that this spider prop is radioactive; after all, just look at how many colors its legs are. There has to be something a little radioactive about that!

  • Includes: The Crazy Legs 50″ Spider Prop includes a 50″ poseable spider with a black body and multi-colored legs.
  • Material: Polyester.

For decoration or accessory

This awesome spider prop will work regardless of whether you need a costume accessory or a great decoration for the trick-or-treaters. At 50″, the prop will definitely catch the attention of passersby, and if you leave it next to the bowl of candy when you run inside momentarily, only a brave few will have the gall to reach into the bowl. Don”t forget, though, that you can also cart around your little buddy through the night. Heck, snag a spider costume and you”ll have the beginning of your own spider army to take around!

Not too scary

Fortunately, this isn”t one of the more scary spider props out there, so it”s perfectly acceptable to use this spider even for child Halloween parties. Its variety of colors and bright eyes will get excited stares and scares from the little ones, and they”ll undoubtedly be betting on who can get close enough to touch this not-so-scary monster by the end of the night.

Crazy Legs 50" Spider Prop Details:

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