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The Simpsons: Deluxe Adult Ned Flanders Costume

The Simpsons: Deluxe Adult Ned Flanders Costume

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The Simpsons: Deluxe Adult Ned Flanders Costume
The Simpsons: Deluxe Adult Ned Flanders Costume is the authentic, officially licensed costume choice for those who consider The Simpsons a religion and their TV screen a sacred shrine. Are you a less-than-model citizen? Want to know what that feels like? When you don this getup depicting Nedward “Ned” Flanders (Springfield”s most charitable and holiest citizen), you”ll get a taste of what it”s like when you”ve truly and enthusiastically got Jesus in your heart.

  • Includes: Jumpsuit and mask.
  • Does not include: Shoes.

  • This is an official licensed Simpsons costume.

  • Material: 100% Polyester.

Do you have what it takes?

Ned”s pea-green Mr. Rogers-esque sweater screams “wholesome and upstanding.” Guess what? The sweater is not exaggerating! What charitable acts will you perform on the devout Nedward”s behalf? The raised by freaky beatniks real Ned has donated a kidney and lung to strangers, volunteers, fights corruption and exploitation, routinely turns the other cheek, and pays his taxes four months before they are due.

Hey-diddly-ho, Nedward in the house

It”s not an official part of the costume, but if you really want to get in character bring your bible along and perhaps a crucifix. Ned loves the lord and consults his bible frequently. Should you ask that cute kitty cat to dance? Is the room-temperature ranch dip still safe to eat? You”re sure to encounter such profound questions at your costume party. Do not leave the answers to chance; Ned knows the good book”s got all the answers! It”s Ned”s right-hand man. Actually, Ned”s a proud lefty and so should you be. If you”re in Springfield head to the mall and hit up Leftorium for nifty lefty accessories to complete your Ned ensemble!

The Simpsons: Deluxe Adult Ned Flanders Costume Details:

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