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Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids

Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids

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Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids
“Johnny, I said get in here and — wait, where did you come from?” Is your child slow to get chores or homework done? Have you always wished you had someone around that could get the mail before you even finish asking for it? Pop your kiddo in the Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids and sit back as your child completes tasks at lightning speed. (Actual superpower not included, but it”s worth a try if it will get him off his butt to clean his room, right?)

  • Includes: Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids includes a muscle chest jumpsuit , 3D gauntlets, 3D boot tops, belt, and Flash mask.
  • This is an officially licensed Flash costume.
  • Material: Polyester

Super speed in a tiny package

The Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids is perfect for any pint-sized fan of the DC superhero. This ain”t no sissified costume, either. Your child will really look like he could kick some bad-guy tail. Look at those muscles! You”d be a fool to mess with that guy. It”s no wonder he can run so fast — check out those quads.

Bad guys will never even see him coming

While it makes a great Halloween costume, the Deluxe The Flash Costume for Kids isn”t just for trick-or-treating. It”s perfect for regular dress-up play any time of year. Who doesn”t want to eat breakfast cereal while dressed as a super-speedy hero of mankind? And seriously, try the chore thing. You won”t believe how fast that trash can be taken out when your kid thinks he”s using his superpowers.

Deluxe The Flash Costume For Kids Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme TV Movie Characters

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