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Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume

Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume

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Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume
What? Oh, wait, you don”t speak German? If you are going to wear the Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume, you should probably go ahead and learn at least that phrase, because you”re going to hear it from a bunch of smart-mouth, slightly inebriated dudes. (By the way, the answer is: What is, “One more beer, please,” Alex?)

  • Includes: The Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume includes a dress with attached corset and an apron.
  • Does not include: stein, earrings, or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Eyes up here, buddy

Nothing says “Oktoberfest” like big steins of beer and good-lookin” gals in cinched-up Bavarian dresses. Details like the pretty lace sleeves and petticoat, folk-art embellishments, and a lovely lace-up corset will get you noticed…by the ladies, who take note of stuff like that. Let”s be realistic. The flirty outfit is all the guys will see, unless you have a beer in your hand. Then the brutes may notice that instead. Or also. It”s pretty hard to say. But isn”t that the fun of a costume like this?

Move over, St. Pauli girl

Whether for an Oktoberfest party, Halloween, bartending gig, or just a surprise for that special someone on an otherwise normal evening, the Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume is sure to be an attention-getter. The corset top may show off your figure in fine Bavarian style, but the skirt is slightly more modest and won”t leave you feeling like you”re leaving nothing to the imagination. Pair the outfit with some braids, beers, and brats for a triple threat!

Womens Fraulein Oktoberfest Costume Details:

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Theme International

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