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Doctor Supply Kit

Doctor Supply Kit

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Doctor Supply Kit
Halloween, at costume parties, or on any occasion when you feel like slipping into the role. This Doctor Supply Kit will give you the tools to look the part for fun and games any night of the year. A fun kit that will make your dreams come true. Put the Dr. into your name and see how you”ll be transformed into an instant authority on all matters related to health and wellness. Get ready for an instant professional makeover, doctor!

  • Includes: A head reflector and stethoscope.
  • Does not include: Clothing, items in pocket, gloves or syringe
  • Material: Plastic

Dress it up

This doctors kit is the must-have set to complement your doctor”s costume. Add in your lab coat, scrubs and gloves for the most official, professional presentation ever. Mash it up with other looks and props to create an endless variety of looks, from the mad scientist to zombie doctor. Let your imagination lead you to your chosen field. Examine the patient, or merely peer into the wild vicissitudes of a world gone mad. Don”t forget your clinical detachment. You”ll certainly need it.

The doctor is in

The doctor will be in attendance whenever you choose to unbox your kit of goodies and play the role. Set your inhibitions free and experiment with different attitudes and poses. Cosplay is a form of imagination, crossing boundaries and playing with new identities and modes of being. Greater confidence, a wider range and expanded social skills are the prognosis.

Doctor Supply Kit Details:

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