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Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume

Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume

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Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume
She doesn”t have that much face time in the movie, but it”s fair to say that Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, plays a crucial role. You can live out the fantasy that comes with portraying this powerful sorceress in the Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume. Glide through the Land of Oz, wistfully guiding Dorothy and her motley band of friends toward their destinies. You are the most powerful of the witches of the compass, just be careful for that one from out west!

  • Includes: The Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume includes dress.
  • Does not include: Crown or star wand.
  • This is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz product.

Good Witch of the North, or of the South?

In the book, Glinda was termed the Good Witch of the South, which was changed to the Good Witch of the North in the classic movie. Why the change? Perhaps the film producers didn”t want Glinda saying “follow the yellow brick road, y”all!” The choice is yours when it comes time for you to delve into the role for your Halloween party or other costumed event.

It”s always best to start at the beginning…

Those are the sage words of advice Glinda gives Dorothy when she is telling her to “follow the yellow brick road.” Besides pointing out the obvious, Glinda does offer the young Dorothy some serious help along the way, although she didn”t do much about those pesky flying monkeys. Your Glinda can be more proactive, slapping those crazy primates to the ground with glee. Anyone attending your party in a monkey suit had better watch out!

Wizard of Oz Glinda Adult Costume Details:

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