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Tomato Costume for Adults

Tomato Costume for Adults

Our Price: $49.99

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Tomato Costume for Adults
A Tomato Costume for Adults brings a saucy, sexy, witty twist to any celebration – whether it is for a Halloween event, a gardening-themed party, or a fancy dress “do” at the school. Not satisfied with blending into the background, your tomato costume will stand out in the crowd, while not being so big that you can not do things like eat, dance, or sit.

  • Includes: The Tomato Costume for Adults includes a tomato tunic, and cap.
  • Does not include: cartoon hands, shirt, tights, or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, exclusive of decoration
  • One size fits most adults.

Fancifully entertaining

You wanted something a little sexy, but not something so sultry that you could not wear it to a daytime, neighborhood costume extravaganza. You are in luck! This tomato costume is whimsical enough, particularly if you also order the extra large hands, to make a splash without showing too much skin, but it”s also sexy enough to show off your fantastic legs (even when you slip on the tights that are sold separately). It is the perfect combination of “look at me” without being too revealing.

Perfect for the solo performer

Going solo to the neighborhood costume dress party? You will make an enviable entrance on your own. Want to make a splashy appearance with friends or family? Each one of you can pick up a garden-inspired costume and roll in looking fresh, tasty and just a bit mischievous. Either way, there will be no missing you once you saunter in the door!

Tomato Costume for Adults Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Food Beverages

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