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Warrior Huntress Costume For Tweens

Warrior Huntress Costume For Tweens

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Warrior Huntress Costume For Tweens
Slip on the Warrior Huntress Costume for Tweens, grab the bows and arrows, and prepare to disappear into the nighttime shadows while hunting your prey. The sleek tunic with long sleeves and cuffs is as black as a moonless night, but has many authentic details. Look close and find a black faux crushed velvet waist sash, a black faux leather sewn-in apron with a bird of prey emblem, a faux leather belt with satchel or pouch, and faux-leather vambraces that protect the forearms while shooting arrows.

  • Includes: Black tunic dress with attached cuffs and attached belt with satchel.
  • Does not include: Leggings, bow and arrow, or boots.
  • Material: Polyester.

All in black

There is something quite mysterious about dressing all in black. Add some black leggings and black boots, plus a toy bow and arrow, and let the games begin. You will not have to worry about going hungry! When you walk into the party and take aim at the food, or go on the Halloween hunt for candy, it will be with sheer confidence as an archer who will not be deprived of her trophy.

Girls just want to have fun

No one says you have to dress all in black. You can make your own rules. Some kids like to let their colors shine, so they wear leggings and boots in colors other than black. Huntress don”t always want to look quite so tough and fierce. Add some green or red leggings and turn into a favorite novel character, ride the float in the local parade, or celebrate at a holiday party. Sometimes huntresses just want to have fun.

Warrior Huntress Costume For Tweens Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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