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Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume

Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume

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Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume
Your little dynamo will become a baby that no one can ignore when he”s all bundled up in the Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume. He”ll be the bomber everyone loves, and he”ll be too comfortable with that designation. He”ll be so winsome and cute swaddled in this two-piece ensemble, you”ll be proud to walk around with a little bomb in your arms. Not that anyone would mind, though, as they will be too busy fawning over him. After all, who can resist the spell of a bomber who can charm anyone with closed eyes?

  • Includes: A light blue swaddle and a hat.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

This bomber is armed to steal hearts

Let him sleep all he wants; this little bomb can go off any time when he”s hungry or wanting to have his diaper changed, and no one will have a prayer. But even then, people will be too taken with him to hold it against him. You can go visiting family and friends with a little bomb in tow and get away with it. In fact, he”ll be an instant hit.

A bomb for Halloween anyone?

Hand out your Halloween treats to kids this season with this bomber aircraft, and the trick-or-treaters will be forgetting their loot at the sight of your adorable tot. Get him into an incriminating pose for a picture-perfect moment, and you”ll be able to capture this phase in his life when he”s too cool to care about what anyone says.

Bennett Bomber Bunting Infant Costume Details:

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Theme Careers

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