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Vampire Costume Bite Kit

Vampire Costume Bite Kit

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Vampire Costume Bite Kit
If you wander through the streets at night during a full moon, you might find yourself a victim of a vampire”s thirst! Dress for the occasion with the Vampire Costume Bite Kit and show everyone how harrowing it is to be a supernatural stalker”s dinner. The level of blood and gore is your choice, as you can make your bite look like a simple snack to a three course meal. Legions of Dracula”s new recruits will all have their bites to display, so be prepared to show off your vampire allegiance to the world.

  • Includes: A fang bite prosthetic, liquid latex, fake blood and applicator.
  • Material: Latex and gel.
  • LATEX WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes when using liquid latex. Avoid using liquid latex on hair. It can become entangled in fine facial hair. Avoid contact with clothing and carpeted areas.

Craft unique bites, skin growths and disfigurements with ease

If being a vampire”s lunch box is not your style, there are many more creepy makeup applications available for the grotesque mind. Warts, boils and blisters can be easily whipped up with this deceptively simple makeup kit, for the witches, warlocks and zombies among us. Those who were bitten by a werewolf instead may choose to make the bite more graphic, by enlarging the appearance of the bite and adding a larger spray of blood. Scars, bumps and skin grafts are all possible for the adept costume makeup artist, with a little bit of creativity and imagination.

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