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Granny Costume For Kids

Granny Costume For Kids

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Granny Costume For Kids
In this Granny Costume For Kids, your child will learn the value of cookies and naps … as though they don”t know already. With a little elderly hobble and a shakiness to their voice, they”ll be the most adorable senior citizen you”ll ever meet.

  • Includes: The Granny Costume For Kids includes a floral printed dress, a pink babushka, and padding for an accentuated rear.
  • Does not include: wig, curlers, glasses, nylons, shoes, or makeup.
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • One size fits most.

Come closer and give grandma a kiss!

Kids love grandmas: they tend to their grandkids lovingly, while allowing them more freedom and variety than their parents usually do. It”s no small wonder that grandmas feature so prominently in games of house and pretend. With this outfit, your child”s imagination can take off. They”ll fall easily into the role of the family matriarch, taking on vital tasks like baking cookies, tending to house cats, and maintaining household order.

I baked some cookies just for you!

Try matching this outfit with a gray wig underneath the pink babushka, or use a pair of slippers for that just-got-out-of-bed look. A pair of matronly glasses, perfect for studying you through, will make your child look wise beyond their years. Give them a walker or a cane, and watch them really get into the act. With this costume, there”ll be plenty of whimsy and laughter around the house, as your child nurtures their “grandchildren” with warmth, care, and love. Just try not to giggle when they start telling you what it was like, back in their day …

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