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Tarantula Adult Hoodie

Tarantula Adult Hoodie

Our Price: $69.99

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Tarantula Adult Hoodie
Ever wanted to be a humongous spider? Now, thanks to this Tarantula Adult Hoodie, you have the chance to fulfill your wildest arachnid fantasies (within legal boundaries, of course). Delight and terrify your fellow partygoers and convention buddies with this simple yet impressive costume.

  • Includes: The Tarantula Adult Hoodie includes pull over hoodie with faux fur and 6 creepy crawly legs.
  • Does not include: Pants or shoes.

Kill it with fire

Fool your friends, your spouse, your boss, pretty much anyone into mistaking you for an eight-legged, compound-eyed monster. Give them a good scare! Or go more incognito with it, if you should prefer. Now you can eat flies without anyone even taking notice, just like you always wanted to. Who would look twice at a run-of-the mill spider chowing down on some regular old bugs? That”s just business as usual, buddy. Throw on your Tarantula Adult Hoodie, and the world is your web.

Better than therapy

Are you, yourself, afraid of spiders? Don”t waste money on some overpriced therapist just to talk about your mother and your fear of spiders, but don”t live your life in fear of those creepy little monsters either. Just pop on this Tarantula Adult Hoodie, stand in front of the mirror, and take a good, long look at yourself. No, don”t look away! What are you afraid of, really? Spiders? Or yourself and who you really are on the inside? Who is the true spider? Think about it, man.

Tarantula Adult Hoodie Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Bugs


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