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Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume

Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume

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Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume
Sometimes you”ve just got to be you. Sometimes that you is a quick-witted, news-reporting, puppet frog. In that case, the Mens Deluxe Kermit costume has got you covered, literally. There”s not a bit of human skin showing with this bad boy, so you can have all the froggy fun without any of the human inhibition. Hop to it!

  • Includes: A blazer, headpiece with view-through mouth, green gloves and frog feet shoe covers
  • Does not include: Pants
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Muppets costume

Beware of hogs

It”s no secret that pigs have a thing for frogs, especially bossy, snooty pigs with a penchant for demanding attention. Just consider yourself warned. You”ll be so dapper in the Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume, you”ll have hogs chasing you like a… well, like a pig chasing a pie. So before you walk into that Halloween party at the local bar, take a deep breath and brace yourself for the squeals of delight.

Sunny day, chasin” the costume blahs away…

Are you naturally prone to play the straight man in comedic situations? Do you have a thing for brown trench coats and a knack for delivering news? Is your girlfriend a pushy pig and your best friend giant, but yellow? Then the Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume is a perfect fit for you in your daily routine! While it”d be a hit at a Halloween party, this baby isn”t just for special occasions. Go ahead and go all the way. Slip into it after waking, and let the green gloves cover those pesky human hands. Look in the mirror as your face is completely hidden by the headpiece. See that fly on the wall? Go ahead. You”re a frog now. Just make sure no one is looking first.

Mens Deluxe Kermit Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme TV Movie Characters

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