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Super Mario: Mario w/Skirt Costume For Women

Super Mario: Mario w/Skirt Costume For Women

Our Price: $64.99

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Super Mario: Mario w/Skirt Costume For Women
This costume will let ladies put a modern, feminine spin on a classic character, Mario. You”ll transform into this peppy, Italian hero when you jump into this four-piece costume. Take a ride on a Dyno Buggy, Barrel Train, Fluffy or Mario Car and fight against threats like Bowser, False Peach, Kalypso, Wario, Shadown Queen, Mr. L, Bowser Jr. and Dimentio to save Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Includes: Dress, hat, gloves and mustache on a stick
  • Does not include: Shoes
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario Costume.

Don”t let the mustache fool you!

Become the life of the party when you turn the world”s favorite little video game man into an adorable, peppy girl. Pair this costume with a pair of red heels and off you go! You can wear this outfit solo or grab a group of friends to become the entire Super Mario gang for extra impact at the event you”re attending! Try getting really creative and consider adding some vehicle accessories to become the cast of Mario Kart! No matter how you choose to wear it, you”ll take everyone you see into the wonderful world of Mario where anything is possible, including slipping on a banana peel, saving an entire kingdom, fighting bad guys with your brother Luigi, rescuing the beautiful Princess Peach, gaining magic powers like fireball-throwing and size-changing, and hanging out with your entire Super Mario gang. Go ahead… stick on your mustache and let everyone know you”re there by shouting “it”s a-me, Mario!”

Super Mario: Mario w/Skirt Costume For Women Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Video Game Characters

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