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Jurassic World: Deluxe Kids Owen Costume

Jurassic World: Deluxe Kids Owen Costume

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Jurassic World: Deluxe Kids Owen Costume
Experience a blast from the Jurassic past by dressing up your child in this Jurassic World Deluxe Kids Owen Costume. Your child can live out the breathtaking adventures of Owen, a velociraptor trainer who must save his friends – and perhaps the whole world – when dinosaurs get out of control in Jurassic Park. Hours of imaginative play will be theirs as they learn about dinosaurs from the Jurassic era and other prehistoric eras. It will take some swift thinking for your little Owen to set things right. Your child will easily imagine new dinosaur excursions to go on, unleashing untold worlds of wonder.

  • Includes: The Jurassic World: Deluxe Kids Owen Costume includes a shirt, vest and pants.
  • Does not include: Boots and belt.
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • This is an officially licensed Jurassic World product.

Train velociraptors for your very own dinosaur exhibit

Velociraptors have a reputation for being among the most intelligent species of dinosaur. As Owen, your child can train these ferocious beasts, and not only for public displays. With a little creativity and imagination, velociraptors can become surprisingly fun companions for a variety of children”s adventures, like pretending to own one as a pet, performing at a modern circus or exploring the Earth during the Ice Age. With every new adventure as Owen the velociraptor trainer, your child will find that courage, determination and loyalty are the necessary traits for success – whether they are commanding a velociraptor troupe or attempting something new for the first time.

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