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Super Mario Bros: Kids Bowser Accessory Kit

Super Mario Bros: Kids Bowser Accessory Kit

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Super Mario Bros: Kids Bowser Accessory Kit
Bullet Bill and the Hammer Bros. are no picnic to deal with, but they”re not the top dogs in the Mario world”s villain hierarchy. That honor goes to Bowser, King of the Koopa. With the Super Mario Bros.: Kids Bowser Accessory Kit, your child can look like his favorite video game villain. Just have him practice some snarling first!

  • Includes: One Bowser headpiece and one inflatable shell.
  • Does not include: Shirt.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Size: One-size fits most children.
  • This is an officially licensed Super Mario Bros. product.

Your princess is in another castle thanks to Bowser

As the main foe to defeat in the Mario games, Bowser does more than just fight the powerful plumber at the end of the game. Throughout most of the games, Bowser also taunts Mario by moving Princess Peach to another castle, just when he thinks he”s rescued her. This Bowser accessory kit gives your child a chance to look like this tough tyrant. The headpiece looks just like Bowser and even includes his black studded collar. The green shell is covered in fierce-looking spikes. You just need to make sure your child has a yellow shirt and pants to match Bowser”s tones.

Fit for a Koopa King

The Bowser accessories are the ideal addition to an outfit based on this legendary video game character. Your child can dress up as Bowser for some trick or treating or for birthday parties with a Mario theme. You can also let him wear it while he”s battling his way through Super Smash Bros. or competing for first place in Mario Kart.

Super Mario Bros: Kids Bowser Accessory Kit Details:

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