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Brown Face Powder

Brown Face Powder

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Brown Face Powder
This Halloween, get fully into character with Brown Face Powder. Using makeup rather than a mask allows for greater artistic interpretation and expression, while also resulting in a more natural-feeling transformation. You can use this brown face powder to fully cover your face and neckline, or dust on in patches to create color and shading as needed. Apply lightly for a hint of brown, or keep applying in layers to get the exact shade of dark brown your costume requires.

  • Includes: Brown face powder.
  • Weight: 0.34 oz.
  • Material: Pressed powder.

Ready for your close-up

When dressing up for a theatrical performance, costume party, or night of trick-or-treating, you want to put your best face forward. Use the brown face powder to complete your look as a scarecrow, werewolf, tree, brown crayon, or any other brown-tinted character. This makeup is great for animal costumes such as a dog, bear, monkey, or squirrel. As you create detail with shading and contouring, you will see a true transformation.

Go for the full effect

Sometimes, less is more. But when you are trying to dress up as another character, especially if you”ll be performing under heavy stage lights, you”ll often need to rely on an entire array of makeup tools and materials. The brown face powder is great for coloring, but don”t forget to add other details with eye and lip makeup. Each element of your character makeup should come together to create a cohesive look. Plus, there are plenty of fun makeup effects that let you add a bit of gore or drama to your look.

Brown Face Powder Details:

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