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Spooky Tiny Face Mask

Spooky Tiny Face Mask

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Spooky Tiny Face Mask
Sometimes there”s a fine line between hilarious and creepy. The Spooky Tiny Face Mask obliterates that line. After all, isn”t that what the spirit of spooky fun at Halloween is all about? No matter what time of year it is, you can capture that same spirit in this truly original and unforgettable mask. A big head with a little face will make some people laugh, some people scream and everyone want to know who”s behind it all.

  • Includes: one mask.
  • Secure hair under a wig cap underneath (sold separately).
  • Caution: This product contains Latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

Welcome to the meme generation

One of the funniest memes on the Internet today is people with tiny faces. You can make celebrities, politicians or even animals suddenly seem bizarre just by photoshopping smaller faces onto their heads. You”ll bring this tremendously popular meme to life in a way nobody was expecting. Prepare to have your photo taken a thousand times, because nobody would believe it without seeing it!

Don”t get a big head

The bright orange eyebrows double as mesh screens so that you can clearly see all the wild reactions you”ll get to this mask. This full coverage mask is a clever costume choice, and you can be sure that it will become the talk of any party. Get ready to see your friends in a whole new way in how they respond to this surreal costume idea. Just don”t let it all that attention go to your head.

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