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Green Fairy Wings For Kids

Green Fairy Wings For Kids

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Green Fairy Wings For Kids
Our Green Fairy Wings For Kids costume accessory is the most realistic pair of green synthetic/lace wings you”ll find online. The perfect way to put the final touch on an already fantastic fairy costume, these one size fits most green wings encourage costume creativity and imagination. Buy these wings today and prepare to enter the fairy kingdom.

  • Includes: One set of Green Fairy Wings For Kids.
  • Material: 23% EPS Polyfoam, 18% Polyethylene, 16% Gauze, 15% Fabric Paper, 8% Paint, 7% Polypropylene, 13% Metal Wire.

Versatile, too

These wings are certainly the crowning item for a green fairy costume, but they can do so much more. Does your daughter have a new outfit for her first day of school? Put some wings on it. What about a big presentation coming up where she”ll be reading aloud to the class for the first time? Nothing says confidence like a not-too-subtle pair of fairy wings. Did she recently join the neighborhood tricycle gang? Green wings can boost the intimidation factor. Yeah, we know. We”re going a little far here, but the moral of the story is that green wings can be so much more than just a Halloween item. They can be a statement piece.

Did we mention they”re darn cute?

Not every Halloween costume or costume accessory promotes cuteness, but the Green Fairy Wings for Kids practically ooze adorableness. As parents, you only have a finite amount of time (generally between age 0 to age “teenage awkwardness”) to impress your neighbors and Instagram followers with your children”s “Aww factor.” Let these pair of green fairy wings work their magic this Halloween season!

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