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Orange Satin Adult Butterfly Wings

Orange Satin Adult Butterfly Wings

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Orange Satin Adult Butterfly Wings
Add a pair of Orange Satin Adult Butterfly Wings to a monochromatic dress and transform from human to beautiful butterfly in a matter of seconds. Secure them in place with the shoulder straps and finger loops, and you can flap your wings to show off the impressive orange and black design. As you fly to and from costume parties, you can remove your hands from the finger loops so the wings lay flat at your back, until you have room to spread your wings again. The flexible movement and lightweight fabric makes it easy to maneuver in crowded spring gardens and at butterfly-themed bashes

Flitting by

Feel like dancing? The light, silky material of the butterfly wings will move gracefully as you lift your arms and sway to the music. You”ll have all the grace of a real butterfly while getting to skip the whole awkward cocoon stage.

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