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Jurassic World: Kids T-Rex Inflatable Costume

Jurassic World: Kids T-Rex Inflatable Costume

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Jurassic World: Kids T-Rex Inflatable Costume
Your little one loves everything he has ever seen about dinosaurs. His trips to the Natural History Museum captivate him, and he cannot wait until he is old enough to see every one of the “Jurassic Park” movies. He has already requested a dino-themed birthday party, and you know exactly what his request will be for Halloween. Clearly, only the “Jurassic World:” Kids T-Rex Inflatable Costume will do for him. The minute he puts on the costume, you will hear him roar and eagerly set off to rampage through the party. It will so capture his imagination that you should not feel surprised if he wants to wear it long after the party has ended.

  • Includes: An inflatable dinosaur costume with a battery-operated fan.
  • Does not include: Four AA batteries for the fan.
  • Size: One size fits most.
  • This is an officially licensed “Jurassic World” costume.

The return of the reptile king

This costume is sure to end up on every kid”s wish list this year. Its life-like appearance gives him a chance to live out his fierce, Jurassic dreams, but the costume is soft enough to feel much safer than the real thing — those teeth only look menacing. It”s also comfortable enough for him to easily go from door-to-door, grabbing enough chocolate to get him into the next era; plus, he will not have to battle raptors to do it. You do not even have to do any genetic engineering or employ any scientists to get it. Get ready for a dino-filled year!

Jurassic World: Kids T-Rex Inflatable Costume Details:

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