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Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Toddlers

Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Toddlers

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Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Toddlers
Your little one may be too young to set off into the forest on her own, but with this Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Toddlers, she”s not too young to venture into your heart. This costume works great as a cute Halloween costume or just a nice outfit when you want to draw a few “how cute” comments while out and about in town. Make sure to make a special trip to see grandma, but ensure she hasn”t been replaced by a wolf first!

  • Includes: The Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Toddlers includes a hooded red cape with a bow closure and a jumpsuit with attached skirt and apron.
  • Does not include: Shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.

Dress up with your toddler

If you”re feeling the Halloween spirit, go ahead and dress up as Little Red”s grandmother for the party. After all, everyone loves to witness a happy ending where Red Riding Hood reunites with her grandmother. If your child doesn”t scare easily, consider dressing up as the Big Bad Wolf instead. Having the wolf walk into the party with Little Red Riding Hood in tow will definitely get everyone”s attention.

Diaper changes are a snap!

If you”ve ever had to deal with wrestling an entire Halloween costume off your child just to change her diaper, then you will understand the value of a simple costume with easy diaper access. There”s no reason to fret with this cute outfit! The jumpsuit is equipped with snaps that allow you to quickly and easily change your little one”s diaper, so you”ll never be gone long enough for people to start wondering whether the wolf got your Little Red!

Little Red Riding Hood Costume For Toddlers Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Fairytale Storybook

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