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Honey Queen Infant Costume

Honey Queen Infant Costume

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Honey Queen Infant Costume
Is there a more recognizable leader than the queen bee herself? There will be no stopping your little one when she buzzes around the block for Halloween trick-or-treating in this Honey Queen Infant Costume. The cute little dress is bee-striped and accented with wings that will help her spirit fly. There”s no holding her back when your little girl is all set to step out in the unique style of the honeybee you always knew she could be. Of course, she will be a busy bee at themed birthday parties and other fun events, and she”s sure to capture the attention of everyone. Smiles will be available for all her loyal subjects, courtesy of the reigning Honey Queen!

  • Includes: Dress and wings
  • Does not include: Hair bow or tights
  • Material: 100% polyester

Sweeter than honey and ready to have fun

She”s been keeping you busy by buzzing around the house since she started walking, and now she”s ready to take her charm on the road, dazzling for Halloween and anywhere else the Queen wishes to give her people the privilege of an audience. Like most animal getups, this outfit is also a timeless classic, so if you have another young one soon ready for her first Halloween, the bee will come in handy again. The costume is estimated to be in stock by August 20 for ordering. Buy her this costume and get set for her to be the queen of the honeycomb and the cutest little bee you have ever seen!

Honey Queen Infant Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Bugs


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