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Kids Orange T-Rex Costume

Kids Orange T-Rex Costume

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Kids Orange T-Rex Costume
The Kids Orange T-Rex Costume is sure to delight your child, who no doubt has already discovered how fascinating dinosaurs can be. Now he has the chance to be one of the most ferocious dinosaurs ever to walk the earth, and he can do it right in his own neighborhood with this wonderfully well-made dino costume.

  • Includes: A plush body with attached tail, character head, and shoe covers.
  • Does not include: Shirt or tights.
  • Material: 100% polyester.

Anyone can be a witch or ghost, but not everyone can be a dinosaur!

No need for broomsticks or rattling chains when you have a dinosaur tail, a mouth full of dinosaur teeth, and powerful dinosaur feet at your disposal! Your child will be dressed to impress in his entire dinosaur splendor, and all of his friends will admire the full body suit that resembles a real T-Rex, except that this dinosaur is a lively orange for an extra dose of childish cuteness. You can”t have too many people thinking that a real live T-Rex is coming up their walkway, can you?

Orange is fun. Dinosaurs are cool.

All children want to dress up as something fantastic for Halloween, and it doesn”t get any more fantastic than an orange T-Rex! The durable costume will last a long time, enabling your child to wear it on many occasions. It is sure to be a showstopper at any Halloween party, and trick or treating just doesn”t get any more fun when you”re a hungry, candy-gobbling dinosaur!

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