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Womens Granny Costume

Womens Granny Costume

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Womens Granny Costume
You”ll be everybody”s favorite grandmother in this Womens Granny Costume. Bake plenty of cookies for all those young “uns following you around, or just take lots of naps. At your age, you”ve earned it.

  • Includes: The Womens Granny Costume includes a floral patterned dress, a pink babushka and padding for accentuated bust and rear.
  • Does not include: curlers, glasses, or slippers.
  • Material: 100% polyester.
  • One size fits most.

Honor your elders

Are you the warm, loving grandmother everybody loves? Do you make delicious dinners, and offer tender hugs and warm advice? Or maybe you”re the crotchety sort, who grouses about how everything was better back in her day, and sighs about how nobody calls. No matter who you decide to be, this versatile costume will help you out. Its exaggerated floral-printed dress smacks of vintage flower-power style, and the matching pink babushka will cover up any bad hair days or graying locks. Padding for your hips and your bust adds a fun, playful touch to the outfit. Match this costume with plenty of fun accessories: a cane, a walker, a wig, a pair of pantyhose, knitting needles or crochet hooks, or a pair of orthopedic shoes would all look charming.

Come close so I can give you a hug!

Wear this outfit to a themed party to shock and delight your friends. With its exaggerated padding and brilliant color scheme, it would even look great on stage. Put a little shake in your voice, slow down your walk a little, and you”ll have everybody around you in stitches whether it be on Halloween or at any costumed event.

Womens Granny Costume Details:

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