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Frozen: Adult Olaf Accessory Kit

Frozen: Adult Olaf Accessory Kit

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Frozen: Adult Olaf Accessory Kit
Lovable snowman Olaf believes that some people are worth melting for, but this sentimental saying also applies to amazing Disney costumes. The Frozen: Adult Olaf Accessory Kit just might make you melt into an adorable puddle, as it is capable of turning the most hard-hearted individual into an eternal optimist. Olaf is one of Disney”s most beloved sidekicks. When you are dressed as this awesome character, you will finally understand why, in spite of the cold, this spunky snowman views the world through such rose-colored glasses.

  • Includes: Three black adhesive buttons and an Olaf headpiece with vision through the mouth.
  • Does not include: T-shirt or pants.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • One size fits most adults.
  • This is an officially licensed Disney Frozen product.

This Frozen costume will warm your heart

Olaf is as cuddly as a snowman can get. When you”re dressed in an Olaf costume utilizing this Olaf accessory kit, you shouldn”t be too surprised if complete strangers attempt to hug you. The costume kit features a cute Olaf headpiece with wide eyes, a carrot nose, and twiggy hair. The open mouth allows those wearing the costume to peek through. Also included in the costume kit are three adhesive black buttons. Whether you”re dressing up as Frosty or Olaf, every snowman costume requires this essential accessory. When you”re wearing this costume, the most important quality of all is a friendly demeanor, which will come naturally once you”re wearing your Olaf mask and buttons.

Frozen: Adult Olaf Accessory Kit Details:

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