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Cuddly Pupply Infant Bunting Costume

Cuddly Pupply Infant Bunting Costume

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Cuddly Pupply Infant Bunting Costume
There”s no denying how cute a new puppy is. But what could possibly be cuter than a newborn puppy? The answer is your darling infant, wrapped up in this Cuddly Puppy Infant Bunting Costume! This adorable puppy knit swaddle and hat provides you with the perfect (and cute) combination of baby and puppy. And everyone knows that nobody can resist babies or puppies. Why didn”t anyone think of doing this sooner?

  • Includes: The Cuddly Puppy Infant Bunting Costume includes swaddle with hat.
  • Material: 100% polyester

What has floppy ears and a fuzzy tail

This costume is truly a cute and classic baby swaddling costume, perfect for dressing up your infant for Halloween, or just for keeping him or her comfortable and warm around the house and other areas. You can also use it to stage an adorable infant photo shoot. But be warned–once you take him outside, you”ll likely be bombarded by others who just can”t resist catching a glimpse of this adorable and incredibly cute creation!

It”s puppy love at its finest

You”ll be smitten with puppy love the very moment you wrap your infant in this outfit. And so will anyone else who sees your baby wearing the costume, so get ready for oohs and ahhs from strangers, friends and family alike. It”s the ultimate bundle of puppy cuteness! But don”t take our word for it. Take the time to imagine your baby wearing this bunting costume, and we”re sure you”ll agree that there has never been anything cuter.

Cuddly Pupply Infant Bunting Costume Details:

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