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Felt Purple Star Wand

Felt Purple Star Wand

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Felt Purple Star Wand
If you want to give your little ones some magic for their next dress up session, there”s one absolutely essential tool they”ll need – a magic wand! This beautiful Purple Star Wand is just what your magical little creation needs to take their play time to a completely mystical level.

    • Includes: One wand with a felt purple star with blue and purple ribbon cascading down.
    • Material: 100% Chemical Polyester Fiber

Abracadabra, abracadabra, shish-boom-bam!

There”s magic in this world, so let that mystical power flow to your children with this special wand. With this device of enchantment, they can be just about any fantasy character they adore – everything from magical wizard children and enchanted princesses to dark sorcerers and fairy godmothers or royals. Top off your child”s next magical costume with this wand to set up a fantastical great time at their next dress-up get together, or add it to the costume next Halloween for some wonderful holiday experiences.

Ooh, ooh, it”s magic, you know

Don”t let your little princess (or wizard, or fairy, or any other fantasy creature) go out for their next dress-up play date without this essential accessory. Made of soft, comfortable felt and constructed in that traditional, classic star form, the wand also includes some eye-catching blue and purple ribbons attached to the star to provide a gorgeous “cascading” effect during play. It”s an absolute necessity for any fantasy playtime!

Felt Purple Star Wand Details:

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