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Swinging 36" Dead Clown

Swinging 36" Dead Clown

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Swinging 36" Dead Clown
Clowns are one of the scariest things out there. With their sinister smiles and eerie eyes, we”ve all had nightmares about them at some point. But what”s even scarier than a clown? A dead one that has come back to life! This Swinging 36″ Dead Clown will make a perfect addition to any set of decorations for a party with a petrifying theme!

  • Includes: a skeleton in a white and black polka dotted clown outfit with matching hat attached to a swing. Includes two hooks to hang swing from.
  • Prop measures 36″.

Hang anywhere for a terrible scare

This highly versatile piece of decoration can be used indoors and out (provided that the weather is good). Indoors, it can be hung with the included hooks from a door frame or in a stairwell, frightening anyone who might be unlucky enough to run in to it. Outdoors, it will look mysterious and spooky hung from a tree. The creaking of the branch as it swings in the wind will be enough to send even the bravest party guests running in the opposite direction.

Eerily realistic!

This decoration will look surprisingly realistic to passing neighbors, so don”t be surprised if you hear a shrill a two when it”s on display. It”s light clown costume will flow in the wind as it sways. Don”t forget where you hang out, though – you could end up mistaking it for a real skeleton and scream out loud if you”re not careful!

Swinging 36" Dead Clown Details:

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