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Adult Inflatable Ostrich Costume

Adult Inflatable Ostrich Costume

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Adult Inflatable Ostrich Costume
Let me ask you a question: OstrichesÔRad birds or the raddest birds? I”ll let you think on that one. Alright, so maybe penguins could give them a run for their money and eagles and hawks are probably up there, but as far as giant flightless birds go, the noble ostrich has definitely got them all beat. They”re way better than emus. They”re quick as the wind and they make a great omelet. Let”s see a penguin do that!

The Adult Inflatable Ostrich Costume comes with a jumpsuit and a battery-powered fan (to keep the bird at capacity). And, of course, one size fits all. It”s a fun and funny costume and a perfect choice for Halloween. Saddle up and get to celebrating! The Adult Inflatable Ostrich Costume is a funny costume of a dude riding one of the craziest birds that roam this little blue planet of ours. God speed.

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