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Zebra Pimp Cane

Zebra Pimp Cane

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Zebra Pimp Cane
If you”re channeling famed hustler Fillmore Slim or A Pimp Named Slickback from the cartoon “The Boondocks,” this Zebra Pimp Cane is the perfect accessory to pull your costume together. You will need some swagger to pull off a look like this! This is the kind of costume that is guaranteed for a laugh. It requires confidence and attitude to look like a super fly pimp — excuse me, business manager — and, baby, that”s you. Wear it with the right spirit and this costume will get all the fine ladies, even if they”re not ladies of the night.

  • The zebra pimp cane has a black and white printed staff and is topped off with a light catching disco ball top.
  • It would be great with a purple jumpsuit, a few gold chains and maybe a distinguished hat.
  • All the ladies of the night will be fighting to keep you happy and if not the cane might remind them.
  • It”s hard to resist this much confidence and swag.
  • Includes: cane.

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