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Womens Plus Size Authentic 70s Chic Costume

Womens Plus Size Authentic 70s Chic Costume

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Womens Plus Size Authentic 70s Chic Costume
The 1970s were a lively yet laid back decade. Everything seemed simpler and more vibrant. Have you found yourself wishing you could go back in time? Now you can! All you have to do is pull on this fantastic Womens Plus Size Authentic 70″s Chic Costume, and you will appear to have stepped through a time portal.

  • Includes: Jumpsuit with attached belt.
  • Does not include: Wig or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • Washing: Dyes may not be colorfast.

Let the good times roll

It”s impossible to be a wallflower while you”re wearing this 70″s Chic Costume! The second you pull on this lovely patterned jumpsuit, you”ll feel all of your troubles and inhibitions melt away. The only thing you”ll want to do is have a good time; it won”t be hard to find in this costume. While wearing this vibrant jumpsuit, you”ll find that you laugh longer and louder, talk to more people than ever before and love to dance the night away. The 70″s Chic Costume, designed to be worn all night long, is very comfortable. You”ll find yourself wishing your daily clothes are as pleasant to wear. Now you just need to match it with a comfortable pair of shoes. Let the dancing begin! This costume is a flattering choice for all types of figures. Wear this jumpsuit to Halloween parties, disco night at the local club, office parties or vintage movie nights, and get ready to chill out in style.

Womens Plus Size Authentic 70s Chic Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme 70s Disco

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