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Womens Mob Boss Gangster Costume

Womens Mob Boss Gangster Costume

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Womens Mob Boss Gangster Costume
The Womens Mob Boss Gangster Costume lets you dress up as a tough yet stylish crime lady. Oversee your criminal empire in a fashionable getup that includes the required pinstripes and all. No one will dare cross you or risk your wrath in this sharp outfit!

  • Includes: One white pin-striped sleeveless vest and one pair of bell bottom pants. Also includes one pair of wrist cuffs, one collar with an attached tie, and one hatband.
  • Does not include: Hat, cigar, or shoes.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.

Doing the Mafia thing in style

You don”t have to wear a somber suit to be taken seriously as a mob boss. With the mob boss gangster costume, you can order your underlings around and threaten those who owe you, all while looking suitably stylish. The white pinstriped suit makes you noticeable in any crowd, especially when you find a hat and a killer pair of heels to pair it with. You can even go one step further and carry around a fake cigar to complete the mob boss look. Whether you”re venturing out to a Halloween bash or some other costumed event, this outfit will ensure all attention is on you.

Fit for a Mafia queen

The gangster costume is available in a few different sizes. Since the outfit includes bell bottom pants, you want to make sure the pants aren”t longer than you need. Otherwise, you”ll find yourself tripping the whole night, ruining your calm, cool mob boss image.

Womens Mob Boss Gangster Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme 20s Flappers Gangsters

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