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Womens Ghostly Wig

Womens Ghostly Wig

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Womens Ghostly Wig
Your costume as a spectral grande dame of another era has not quite lived up to your vision. You have the gown. You have the makeup. You have even been practicing the minuet should the occasion arise, but your hair is far too modern to make the transformation complete. Not to worry! The Womens Ghostly Wig is just the accessory to pull together your look. Not only will it mentally transport you back to an earlier time, but the costume immediately takes on a haunting quality once it is on that is perfect for any Halloween gathering.

  • Includes: The Womens Ghostly Wig includes a curly silver, gray and white wig.
  • Does not include: jewelry or shirt.
  • Material: Synthetic fibers.

A stylish apparition

Save yourself from hours of curling, spraying, pinning and powdering. These synthetic tresses are piled high atop the crown of your head with a curled tendril layer that hangs just below your shoulders. Regal, stylish and decidedly spooky, the wig makes the costume. If your natural locks are unlikely to be tamed, particularly if the dancing reaches a more feverish pitch, you will want to invest in a wig cap (sold separately) to keep your natural hair from making an untimely appearance.

A bold, new you

Once the wig is set atop your head, you will notice an immediate change. Your back is straighter. Your head is held higher. There is a certainty about you that belies your day-to-day challenges and stresses. In bringing this character to life, a part of you that is normally dormant has emerged. You love it, and know that you will remember this night, and this feeling, long after the party itself has ended.

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