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Womens Ghostly Lady Costume

Womens Ghostly Lady Costume

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Womens Ghostly Lady Costume
Bring out your alluring and mysterious side with the Womens Ghostly Lady Costume! This chic ensemble lets you become the most elegant ghost of all at the costume ball. Its layered white lace keeps it classy while still bringing plenty of ghostly touches. Simulated frays and rips bring out that undead look while still looking uber-fashionable. While you”ll have to accessorize this costume yourself, this gown is the ideal scary starting point to be exactly the type of ghost you”ve always wanted to be.

  • Includes: The Womens Ghostly Lady Costume includes a long white lace ghost gown.
  • Does not include: jewelry.
  • Material: Lace is 100% Nylon, inner lining is 100% Polyester

Have a ghastly wedding

The frightful elegance of this dress can be used as the basis for a number of scary costume ideas. A Bride of Frankenstein, zombie bride or ghostly priestess look are all possible with this scary-chic white costume as your wedding gown. You can also become a spooky princess or a ghostly queen. Add a teased-out wig, plenty of costume jewelry, dramatic makeup and a pair of white pumps to complete the look of your ghostly lady.

Float through the party with spooky charm

If you”re ready to be a woman of mystery and keep them all guessing for awhile, the Womens Ghostly Lady Costume is for you. It looks great under spooky Halloween party lights, especially if you add a ghostly pallor to your face, a scary wig and some dark blush and eye makeup. Rattle their chains and haunt their dreams in this ghostly and alluring ensemble!

Womens Ghostly Lady Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme HorrorGothic

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