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Womens Foxy Lady Costume

Womens Foxy Lady Costume

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Womens Foxy Lady Costume
You know you”re a cute little heartbreaker, so own up to it and toss on the Women”s Foxy Lady Costume. You”ll be the glitziest, grooviest thing on the dance floor this Halloween with this outfit on. At the very least, you”ll the most flared out and far out thing on the dance floor. Of this I feel fairly certain.The 1970″s were a pretty trippy decade, weren”t they? Between Watergate, Disco, and the Rolling Stones, the 70″s had a lot going on.

You”ve got a whole line of cultural artifacts to wear and there”s no better costume that encapsulates that decade that sits between the psychedelic optimism of the 1960″s and the Day-Glo hellscape that is the 1980″s. And just look what it comes with: A top with bell sleeves, plants with a split flare on each leg, and a head sash. Now you can finally get four-on-the-floor done properly this Halloween.The Women”s Foxy Lady Costume encapsulates the 1970″s perfectly with its flared pants and flowing sleeves. It”s a square American car with no gas in it away from actually BEING the 1970″s.

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