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Womens Elf Hat Headband

Womens Elf Hat Headband

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Womens Elf Hat Headband
This Women”s Elf Hat Headband is the perfect compliment to your elven outfit. Santa has to keep track of billions of children and whether they have been naughty or nice is hard enough work for a guy who is obviously hundreds of years old. So don”t show up to work at the North Pole without your full uniform on, or Santa will definitely be putting you on his “Naughty” list!

  • Includes: A green and red hat with a gold bell on the end and gold fringe
  • Does not include: Tank top
  • Materials: 100% Polyester

The best Halloween costumes always bring a little Christmas Cheer

The elf costume is a holiday favorite, both at Halloween and Christmas parties. Nobody will begrudge you if you sport the same getup at both gatherings, especially since you”ll be looking stylish in this colorful elf hat headband. Featuring traditional green and red colors, as well as a gold fringe and bell, this hat sits playfully atop your head thanks to its useful headband design. You won”t have to worry about messing up your hair by cramming a flimsy hat on your head, as the Women”s Elf Hat Headband has a one size fits most design and a sturdy quality that allows for several years of use. You may dream of dressing up as an elf, but that doesn”t mean that you have to construct your own elf hat at the North Pole. After all, this Women”s Elf Hat Headband is better than anything you could create on your own.

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