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Womens Angelica Pirate Costume

Womens Angelica Pirate Costume

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Womens Angelica Pirate Costume
Fresh from On Stranger Tides is the Women”s Angelica Pirate Costume. As the daughter of Eddy “Blackbeard” Teach and one of Jack Sparrow”s love interests and a general pirate-about-own, it doesn”t take much imagination to figure out why somebody would dress as her for Halloween. She”s great. She”s strong, independent, and charmingly untrustworthy in a way that only pirates can pull off.

The Women”s Angelica Pirate Costume comes with a jacket, vest, shirt, corset, belt with buckle, pants, boot covers, and a hat with a buckle (as all hats of a certain age have). Nice. Now cut the jib and cast the reel or whatever it is that people in charge of sailboats do. Fresh from On Stranger Tides, the Women”s Angelica Pirate Costume is a great costume of the world”s greatest lady pirate.

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