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Womens 60

Womens 60″s Stewardess Costume

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Womens 60″s Stewardess Costume
For a certain period of time in the 1960″s the most desirable and most glamorous jobs for women were folk singer, Bond girl, and, of course a stewardess. The Women”s 60″s Stewardess Costume harkens back to a time when flight was still an amazing novelty and not the carnival of inconvenience that it currently exists as. This lovely vision of retro-chic comes with a dress, a matching necktie, a Blue Sky Airlines bag, a cap, and two flight pins!

Flying was once special! Let”s get back to that time with the Women”s 60″s Stewardess Costume! From Pan Am to Panama, this baby has got it all! When it comes to classic costumes, this is what everyone was talking about!

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