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Wolverine Costume Kit

Wolverine Costume Kit

Our Price: $12.99

Reg Price: $22.00

Wolverine Costume Kit
Go from James Hewlett to Wolverine quicker than you can say “Snikt” with the Wolverine Costume Kit. Being one of the most famous comic book characters of all time, Wolverine”s done just about everything, been about everywhere, and killed about everyone. Whether fighting ninjas from the hand or his half-brother Sabertooth or being brainwashed to fight and kill the entire Marvel Universe or becoming one of the Apocalypse”s horsemen or getting drunk with Captain America or fighting a ring of psychopathic dwarves, Wolverine is the man. He”s a businessman. And his business ain”t pretty. Etc.

The Wolverine Costume Kit comes with side burns, a dog tag necklace, and a pair of claws and is a great addition to anyone”s costume whether they love his comics or found the character through the movies.

Wolverine Costume Kit Details:

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Theme Halloween Weapons

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