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Wolverine Claws Adult

Wolverine Claws Adult

Our Price: $19.99

Reg Price: $23.00

Wolverine Claws Adult
RAWR!!! When you are completing your X-Men Wolverine costume, you can”t forget the claws! That”s the most iconic part of Wolverine: his adamantium claws. So finish your theme with the Wolverine Claws for Adults.

The Adult Wolverine Claws come with fitted blue gloves for long-term wear! The Claws also come with three prongs per glove that spring out of the knuckles, just like Wolverine”s do every time he gears up for battle!

If you want to be the best Wolverine this Halloween, don”t forget to grab these claws and start your X-Men adventure!

Wolverine Claws Adult Details:

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Theme Halloween Weapons

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