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Wolf Mascot Adult Costume

Wolf Mascot Adult Costume

Our Price: $139.99

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Wolf Mascot Adult Costume
The Wolf Mascot Adult Costume is perfect for getting a party started and for luring Little Red Riding Hood to come out and play. Whether you are traveling in a pack with your closest friends or looking to be a one-man wolfpack on the prowl for meat, women, or some other prize, this costume will get the job done. You”ll never conduct your late-night hunts the same after getting in this wolf”s fur. So get your wolf on!

  • The wolf costume will allow you to build yourself a wolf pack second to none, as people will be drawn to its sleek polyester feel.
  • The life-size jumpsuit starts off the outfit, giving you the lovable furriness that will draw women in, even if you don”t have a picnic basket full of goodies.
  • The headpiece is a perfect icebreaker, as it shows that this savage predator really has a heart of gold and a glowing personality.
  • The comfortable foot covers tie the outfit together, as they”re both comfortable and stylish.
  • Includes: Jumpsuit, headpiece, and foot covers.
  • Does not include: Basket.

Wolf Mascot Adult Costume Details:

Color On Costume”s Picture
Theme Forest Animals

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