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Witch Make-Up Kit

Witch Make-Up Kit

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Witch Make-Up Kit
Transport yourself into the realm of the Wicked Witch with the Witch Make-up Kit. Transform from your everyday urban look to one that would pass muster with the Wicked Witch of the West herself, in a few easy steps! The horribly sallow, greenish-yellow pallor of the traditional crony in all of her witchy glory, can be easily achieved minutes before the party begins. Have no fears about being stuck with this look either, as fun as it is for a party, you can easily wash your eerily green pallor away with warm water and soap, regaining your muggle appearance in under five minutes!

  • The Witch Make-up Kit is perfect for transforming yourself from a normal looking muggle to a wickedly witchy spook! A perfect enhancement for your most naughty or mischievous costume.
  • This high quality, professional makeup kit boasts a green creme foundation, perfect for a witch”s complexion! It also features four contour colors in red, yellow, light and dark blue for some spooky enhancements.
  • An eye pencil, face powder, puffs and brushes also help to define and complete your spooky look!
  • Includes: Makeup kit.

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