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White Star Wand

White Star Wand

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White Star Wand
Whether you want to be a benevolent fairy or an evil witch, the White Star Wand accessory is going to complete your look for any number of fun costumes. This star wand may seem simple, but it contains special powers that are either going to make you loved or feared. It”s your choice. Just remember to bring the wand with you if you want to ensure an enchanted evening.

  • Includes: One padded wand.
  • Material: 40% PVC, 30% sponge and 30% polyester

The wand that brings everything you could ever want!

Halloween is a time to let your imagination run wild. What better way to do that than playing with a magic wand? Wish that a pot of gold appears in your room, and it shall be so. You can tell the wand to bring you all the best Halloween candy at once, and it shall be so. You can ask for a fancy car and a prince to drive you to the Halloween costume party, and it shall be so. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy all that the wand has to offer.

A wand full of promise

You may find that your friends, groups of trick-or-treaters and neighbors all want you to use the wand to bring them special gifts and treats. Dressed as a wizard or a fairy godmother, you can help make dreams come true. The wand is also nice and compact, fitting easily in a sash or ready to be stored in a trick or treat bag.

White Star Wand Details:

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