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Value Horror Makeup Kit

Value Horror Makeup Kit

Our Price: $8.99

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Value Horror Makeup Kit
Whether you want to show up at the neighborhood Halloween bash as your favorite undead character, or your little one wants to go door-to-door as friendly ghost, the Value Horror Makeup Kit will help with the transformations. From white base to blood effects, the kit has everything you need to make your costume pop.

  • Includes: The Value Horror Makeup Kit includes a 6 color makeup tray, horror flesh, gel blood, liquid latex, blood capsules, theatrical blood, scar skin, and two sponges.
  • Material: Face paint.

Make the transformation complete

There is something about adding character makeup that makes an ordinary costume extraordinary. Sure, you could go as a pirate, but add a bit of white cream, blacken the eyelids and under-eye area and pencil in some stitches and suddenly you are a fearsome pirate returned from the dead. In this kit, you have all the colors to make yourself into a fun-loving or truly scary clown, or put forth your best pumpkin face. The options are endless!

Create a new you

Whether you decide to go full makeup, or just want to heighten some elements of your look, you know that the makeup will give you that added bit of confidence you want. How often do you get to pretend to be someone else? Taking on that new identity, even if it is for only one night, allows you the freedom to create that you do not always get during a normal work week. Embrace the opportunity, dive into the palette of colors and let your imagination run wild!

Value Horror Makeup Kit Details:

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