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Unicorn Horn Rainbow

Unicorn Horn Rainbow

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Unicorn Horn Rainbow
The Unicorn Horn Rainbow lets you get lost in an idyllic fantasy world where everything is sunshine and rainbows. Even your horn is not merely a solid color but displays the many hues of the rainbow. With your multicolored horn in place you will have an air of optimism about you that is sure to bring a smile to even the wickedest witch”s face. The elastic strap makes it easy to slip on when you need a quick bit of cheer and comfortable enough to wear to an all-night costume party.

  • Includes: One multicolored plastic horn featuring an elastic strap.
  • Does not include: Wig.
  • Material: 100% EVA.
  • One size fits most.

They do exist

Anyone whoever doubted the existence of unicorns will be proven wrong as you prance into the party proudly displaying your rainbow-colored horn. Search out the fairies, elves, and other fairy-tale creatures that will be happy to hang out with you for an enchanted evening. As you enjoy your costume party or Halloween event don”t be surprised if leprechauns come running to see if you have a pot of gold paired with your regal rainbow horn.

A legendary look

Add the unicorn horn to a horse costume to become a legendary creature that many wish to find. Find some like-minded fairy-tale lovers to create a partying pack of unicorns or mix together with some other fantastical creatures to create a walking carousel of animals. No matter how you wear it, make sure to hold your head high.

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