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Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume

Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume

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Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume
In the Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume, your intrepid gal can be the heroine everybody is talking about. Her costume is as cute as can be and her superpowers never fail to impress. This take on the classic Supergirl styling is perfect for fighting crime while trick or treating, at birthday parties or whenever she needs to fight on the side of good.

  • Includes: A dress with tutu, cape and a belt.
  • Does not include: Mask or shoes.
  • Material: Polyester.
  • This is an officially licensed Superman costume.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash.

No amazing adventure too big (or too little)

Even the littlest lady needs adventure in her life, and what better opportunity is there than being Supergirl? Your little lady can fly high in the sky with her cape billowing behind her as she protects the earth from evil. With powers like heat vision, super strength, super hearing and X-ray vision at her disposal, the bad guys won”t stand a chance. The possibilities are endless in this inspiring and empowering costume.

Ain”t no party like a Justice League party

There”s no need for Supergirl to work alone all the time. As a member of the Justice League, she can call on her allies to help her battle against earth”s enemies. Create a great group costume by bringing Supergirl together with other superheroes like Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl. And of course, you can”t leave out her cousin, Superman. With friends like these, there”s no foe who can stand in her way.

Toddler Supergirl Sequin Costume Details:

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Theme TV Movie Characters

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